Personal blog of a shopaholic and lingerie addict.

After relocation from Eastern Europe to North America one of my crushing revelations was to find out that aesthetics and meaning of clothes, and lingerie first of all, is not that global as one would think. Underwear shopping quickly turned into online hunts with a Russian roulette of happy purchases and disaster ones. Real things don’t always look that pretty as their website pictures, sizing tables fail, and fabrics come rough to the touch discouraging lingerie fans to stick to the offline stores’ selection. Well, if my experience inspires at least one lingerie lover to dare and try something new, I consider my mission accomplished.

My measurements for reference:
Bust - 80 cm / 32"
Band - 73 cm / 29"
Waist - 67 cm / 26"
Hips - 88 cm / 35"
Height - 167 cm / 5'6"

Disclaimer: all items in this blog's reviews are bought and paid for by myself, unless stated otherwise. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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