Recently I added a whole new page with a lingerie catalog to my blog. You probably have seen it already but unless you're subscribed to email notifications, not a lot of explanation came your way. Here is me making up for it.

Being a terrible sucker for statistics and analysis, I tend to collect all the possible data, structure it and look for correlations everywhere, even when it comes to my passion such as lingerie. I have a pretty long list of lingerie brands, and my lists usually transform into databases with marks and notes pretty quickly. This time I had thought that somebody else may find such a database useful (and if not - I will for sure). This is how the button "Lingerie catalog" appeared on the top of my blog's home page.

Now all the lingerie brands I keep an eye on, info I use to make a decision to buy, stockists to buy through - it all slowly finding its way into this online database. Right now it has 53 brand names from 18 countries, each with its own card with a reference image, a couple words of description, list of products they offer and marks if they have small cup or large cup range. And of course I marked all my favourite ones too.

This is not all though. My list of brands has 377 names on it and I'm adding them in batches so check sometimes to find more. I'm also going to add more features to the database, right now I'm thinking about links to reviews (mine and other bloggers') and info on stockists, tips on special offers, etc. I'm always happy to hear any feedback or advice - please feel free to reach out through email, Twitter or scaredpantie's instagram if you have any thoughts on this.

Kudos for catalog development and layout:

Vlad Sofronov