I watched Covert Behavior closely for several months before to order my first piece from them. It took some time to choose the style as I had four different items by this brand on my wish list, but the choice is finally made, and Handsy bikini was ordered while Dentata lingerie, Far Out swimsuit, and Bones & Exoskeleton set are still on the list.  

Here is a short video of unboxing and first try on. I described my first impressions there but here is a short summary if you prefer a text format: quality is good, the look in general is beautiful but it's running a bit small even though it's made by personal measurements so you may want to ask for a bit less tight fit or provide an additional above-the-bust measurement. As for myself... well, I have one more gorgeous reason to lose a couple of kilos by summer.  

Unboxing and try on video of Handsy bikini by Covert Behavior