I'm a very visual person. Well, visual and kinesthetic. I love beautiful things, and I love them even more if they are nice to the touch (now me being a lingerie addict makes sense, right? what is a better sight for sore eyes and has a larger contact area with one's skin at the same time?). I was super worried to post my right-out-of-the-fitting-room photos - not because I'm worried of how I look but because I'm worried how images look. And what feedback did I get? Girls love seeing "real life" photos. No, it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop doing photo shoots. It means that I have a bigger range now. And what else it means is that I should talk a bit more about my photo shoots.

So here it is. I do not do retouching. Well, I can blur a pimple or two or edit out a person who accidentally got to the background of my photo. I can edit light settings, especially to improve distortions which every photo camera makes when capturing reality. But I do not hide my freckles, wrinkles, and creases. If I look thinner on some of my photos, it means that I kept my diet better, not that I used Photoshop more thoroughly. And sure photo shoots look better than cellphone images - it's because light is better, optics is much better, and the photographer has a way more talent and skill than I do (and than it's even possible to apply when taking a selfie).

At this point you'd probably wait to see more selfies. But no, it's time to boast with my new photo shoot. I'm super happy with how it turned out, and I feel that I kinda deserved it - it was about 10ÂșC, and the ocean water was freezing (which you see by goose bumps on my legs somewhere... because I don't do retouching!)

Lingerie pieces used (yes, reviews are coming):
Bra&brief: Covent Garden by Myla London
Kimono wrap: Azumi by Kim+Ono
Sleeping eye mask: Kitsune by Hesper Fox
Stockings: Green Glamour by What Katie Did

Photo: Vlad Sofronov