All this censorship tide in social networks is really starting to be scary. I was born in USSR, and the most famous saying we all remember from childhood, the one which went through all the media and became kind of a symbol, both hilarious and horrific at the same time, is «There is no sex in USSR».

It’s hard to explain that mentality of hypocrisy which we all ran from for years and a chill which goes down my spine when I see all these signs again.  There is sex. It’s just stupid to pretend that it doesn’t exist, and I will never believe that tabooing any natural part of our lives will do any good for anybody including kids.

I do not understand how we are going to teach our girls that their bodies are beautiful and they should love them if we treat these bodies as something shameful and try to hide them. Or how we are going to explain them that all people are equal if ads show male nipples freely but retouch any shadow of female one.  

This photo was declined by Instagram as an ad "because it is sexually provocative or overly suggestive (ex: text, images, or videos depicting excessive skin, provocative dancing, nudity, certain medical diagrams, or sexual acts)." It was approved after my appeal.

It’s impossible to teach anything when you behave opposite to what you say. Sorry if this post is too heavy for a lingerie blog which, I suppose, should be light and cheerful... but whatever, I love my body, I spent years learning to love it, and when I see official reports about «depicting excessive skin» to be «overly suggestive», I have only one thing to say. I do suggest these people to go to hell.

Photo: Vlad Sofronov